Thursday, September 29, 2011


Wow, I apologize! My absence does not mean I haven't been busy. With pictures, kids, a squeezed-in summer trip to the beach, and growing in the belly region. Not from one too many beers (I wish!), but because we are expecting No. 3 - another girl, we're naming Temple! Summer and the insane heat basically took over and now that we are back to school (one in kindergarten, one in preschool two days a week) I have a brief moment (because I'm due in less than two weeks) to catch up! I blame it on a serious case of the...lazys, summer-heat-gone-to-my-brain, time-got-away-from-me, no-bedtime-for-the-girls-all-summer (and no downtime for mama, so therefore I fell into bed myself), and finally, my-firstborn-was-going-to-kindergarten-and-I-savored-every-last-minute... Excuse me while I get a tissue.

So take your pick on any of those excuses reasons. Anywho, what better post than to share these pictures of this sweet little baby named, Piper! Love that name!

And her precious announcement!

Yes, she was born in May and we took these right after she was born and I'm JUST now posting them. I was trying NOT to look at that date and calculate all that. But I had to look. Oh my! Did I mention that I'm pregnant? I've used the heck out of that excuse! And I'm about to use the one, "I have a newborn." By the way, we are so not ready for the change a newborn brings. And yet, I'm SOOO ready.

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