Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Beach

We went to the beach this summer and took a moment to take some pictures. My camera did not operate very well at the beach. First I was scared to take it out because of the humidity and the sand that could scratch the lens. Plus it would take forever for the camera to acclimate from the cold condo to the hot, humid outdoors.

We met Hubby's family there and here are all the cousins!

And just me and the hubs!

I didn't take my camera to the beach every day. I only took it a few times. How cute are these two though? (And I swear I put sunscreen on them every 30-45 minutes despite how red Presley's face looks! It was so hot outside!)

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Crystal Hays said...

I love these beach pics so much! I think we need a family trip to Florida just for that reason alone!