Thursday, October 29, 2009

Jackson and Madison

I wanted to showcase some of the pictures from this family shoot. Granted it was in two parts. Big extended family and then just the wee ones. Big thanks to Crystal for sticking with me despite 3 or 4 weather reschedulings. It was worth it though!

I love this one of the two kiddos! I'm just going to embrace that unfortunate lens flare like I meant to do it!

I love this one of Jackson with his Boom Paw. I told them to just interact and be silly! So Boom just pulled an ear out!

Miss Maddie all pretty in pink! Love those curls!! By the way, we decided she is Dovie's other twin (triplet?)

And the J man, looking all too studly with his button down and tie!! Baseball makes Hubby want to try for a boy. Well that shirt and tie makes me want to try for a boy! Your welcome for that little tid bit!

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