Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Another Chair

To further avoid my domestic duties around here, I want to spend all, as opposed to only some, of the uninterrupted time the girls are sleeping on this computer and share some more pictures.

I've gone a little furniture overload in and, to Hubby's dismay, around the studio. (My stuff is spilling out into Hubby's adjoining "man room".) This chair we actually had in our storage. Hubby challenged me that I could not get it here by myself. With a challenge like that, I would have carried it home on my head. It's here now and Hubby threw some bolts in it to fix it for me.

And it too has a lot of green tones... Thanks to my less than willing participants, Presley and Teagan!

Teagn: the ornery face!

Teagan: the "Oh, I'm not supposed to be doing this?" face.
And Presley: the "I'm smiling, but what I really want to do is run out of here" face.

And then she did!! And literally would not come back!!! I had one more chair that I wanted to share. Maybe they'll wake up from their naps in good photographic moods! Here's to hoping!!

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