Friday, March 27, 2009

Pig tails and water pails

Here are the girls helping Dad make a sand and water table for the backyard. We played with one at a birthday party and I knew both girls would love it! Hubby's pretty handy with pvc pipe and I knew we could "make it our own" (code for, too cheap to buy the retail version!). Oh my gosh, they LOVED it and have played outside with it every day the weather would let them!

Here's a handy seat!

Presley rarely likes her hair up, but this particular day, she humored me and let me put it in pigtails. Teagan doesn't mind too much if she'll sit still long enough for you to get it up! And she'll rip them out in the car seat if you have long enough of a drive, we found out.
I thought this one was cute of them looking at each other.

Bear hugs!!

Last weekend, we went to Hunter's birthday party and I was able to get this picture of Judah and Jackson with the girls. Kids are so dang cute!

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krystlemott said...

That water table sounds pretty cool.... I hope the girls are doing well.