Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mother's Day Out - The Boys!

I couldn't possibly forget about some of the handsome faces I had conversations with about "cheeseburgers" and the like. Here are some of the boys from the Mother's Day Out spring pictures.

This little cowboy is beyond his years!! I didn't pose him this way, it was ALL him and absolutely adorable!!

I love this one's precious, somber face and him holding his hands so sweet.

I loved this guy's smile and dark eyes!
And this little man brought along baby sister, although I'm not sure if he was quite okay with sharing the spotlight!

If your child's school or MDO needs some photography services, refer them to me. (I give referral credits!) It's actually a great way for them to earn a little extra money as a fundraiser, and the kids get really excited about having their pictures taken!

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Brandie said...

Love them all, thank you for you help!!