Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kitchen Climber

Teagan is such a climber!! After an hour of getting her down from all the chairs in the kitchen, Hubby thought he handled it by putting all the chairs up on the counters and table where she couldn't climb on them.

However, here are Presley and Teagan checking out Daddy's handy work and developing alternatives...

And then Big Sister paved the way using a new, yet still highly effective MO - the built in bench seat.


Amy said...

LOL! Two minds are better than one! I feel your pain. My boys can push their little tykes chair over to the counter and then hoist themselves up onto the counters!

Holly Green said...

That is too funny! Lola is our little climber too! It is so funny how the second one is always the fearless one! Too cute.

Lainey-Paney said...

Love your kitchen!

When my nephews were younger (3yo & 2yo), one would lay down, or get down on all fours, so that the other one could stand on his back & reach things on the countertops.
Kids are so....sneaky & organized when they want to be!!!