Thursday, September 4, 2008

American Beauties

I didn't get any pictures of them in their fourth of July duds. So while Teagan and I were waiting for Presley to wake up one afternoon, we went out in the front yard and snapped a couple pictures.

Teagan was all smiles.

Presley woke up and had somewhat of a chip on her shoulder...

Teagan still smiling!

Presley finally came around, after I bribed her with fruit snacks (or was it skittles).

I think I know what Teagan is trying to say! I agree Teggie! We are so blessed to live in the US of A! America's #1!


Lisa said...

Teagan is getting so big. I love her cute smile.

Amy said...

They are so beautiful Taylor!!

The Culhanes said...

I think skittles can be considered a fruit snack :-)

krystlemott said...

Hey Taylor... your new pics of the girls are great! They are growing up so quick.