Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Shout outs!

I wanted to take a moment and do a couple shout outs for all my peeps who own their own business.

First, my parents auto repair shop in Garland has expanded and now works on Nissans and Toyotas as well as Hondas. You can check them out at http://www.executiveimportsgarland.com/. (I'm still working on updating the website!) They have free check outs and free loan cars, which is awesome! I've been busy working on a mailer for them, so you may even receive something in the mail from them!

Secondly, my brother-in-law, Jay, still does home mortgage loans and re-finance loans. You can find all his contact information at http://www.rockwallmortgageco.com/. I just LOVE his logo he created!

Lastly, the hubs and my other sister's significant other, Manny, have combined their construction knowledge and have a general contracting business. They specialize in tenant finish out, ground up, and remodels. I've heard so many people starting new ventures right now, so I wanted to get his information out there. If you'd like to talk with him about any job, you can email him at price {at} tcbconstructiongroup {dot} com. Even if you don't have the blueprints yet, he can help with that too! (Website coming soon!)

One more! My father-in-law still owns and operates PASCO Air. With almost 40 years experience and with the heat index of 110 today, if you're having problems, call him!! PASCO Air mainly does commercial, but does residential as well. You can find all the contact information for PASCO Air at www.pasco-air.com. (The website is hideous, which I can say, because I made it many, MANY moons ago. But it serves it's purpose, I suppose.) I can't bring myself to post PASCO's logo. It's just sad!

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