Monday, June 7, 2010

Presley's birthday pictures!

Warning: this post is heavy on the pictures!

Since Presley is obsessed with candy, a new store, A Candy Jar Malt Shop, just opened up on the square in Rockwall, and we live right off the square, we are having Presley's fourth birthday party there. Basically the stars aligned and we couldn't be more excited about it - especially Presley! She wants to go there all the time! The store's adorable so what better place to take her birthday pictures! She hammed it up, as usual!


steph pesano said...

Taylor, these are awesome. I will grant Presley that I have never seen a bad photo of her...but, these are really, really good.

krystlemott said...

OMG... These are SOOO good. She has such personality and is so photogenic. Looks like a precious Birthday Party location.

amy said...

Taylor, Presley is so beautiful and those are great pictures! What a cute bday idea. Precious.

Lainey-Paney said...

how wonderful!