Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Be Mine, Vintage Hats!

The girls and I had fun with these vintage hats while we took some fun valentine's day pictures.

I had to add this one because this is what Teagan does when she pouts - head down, hand in/by mouth.

I even got in on the fun! Hubby snapped this (and wanted full credit if I posted on my blog, so here ya go, Babe!). I gave it an old style color and added some texture.

If you want to see the whole session, go to my proofing site - password is 'fun'. I have more adorable vintage hats that my grandmother gave me! If like that look, let me know and we'll incorporate into your next session!
Also, I have a new product!! More details coming soon!!


krystlemott said...

These pics made me SMILE from ear to ear... the girls (and you) look GREAT! Miss you Taylor

Amy said...

Cute! Love the one of Teagan pouting! ;)

Lisa said...

Great pics, how fun and Price took a great picture :)

Bob Woodfin said...

Great shots!! You really have a good eye. I'm like Amy, I like the pouting.