Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Pop Art

A friend sent me a text last week and asked if I did "pop art". I wrote back, what's "pop art" (sometimes I'm a little slow with my pop culture lingo, but nothing a little google couldn't fix)? So I looked it up and I said, sure!! And oh my gosh! The fun I had in photoshop!

So she sent me a cute pic of one of her kids and I made it into fun, fresh popped art!

She ordered a 16x20, mounted it, and added the linen texture to make it look like canvas! It's being delivered today!! This would also make for some great birthday invites or note cards!


steph pesano said...

I love the idea of birthday invites. How perfect is that?

Shannon said...

yay!!! im so excited and piper is gonna love it!!! thx!

krystlemott said...

I love this... what a great idea