Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Presley turned three!

Back in June, Presley turned three!! I can't believe she's three!! Well she's a lover of the tea parties, so I thought I better jump at the chance to have a tea party before the love was over. So we had some friends over, dressed up, drank some tea, and ate some pedifores. It was adorable!! I had just as much fun getting everything ready as they did at the tea party. Keep in mind Hubby took most all the pictures at the party, which I am thankful for, I just didn't want to take all the credit! :)

Picture for the invitation!

the little girls having a tea party!

blowing out candles!

all dressed up!

And little sister, too!

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krystlemott said...

Precious.... I just love seeing the girls dressing up and enjoying the precious moments of childhood. These pics are great!