Thursday, August 7, 2008

Mama Confessions

Inspired by my friend, Monica, I too will share a few confessions of my own.

  • Today is the first time since Monday that I have worn makeup. (and only because I have a massive pimple on my forehead - so big Price felt the need to kiss it hello yesterday when he got home!)
  • Yesterday I avoided going into my computer/play/guest bedroom (that about says it all right there!) because it was such a disaster! I was only able to peer in from the doorway and in attempts to start cleaning it up!
  • My kids watch way too much TV (Doodlebops and Wiggles)! But they love it!
  • Hubby had to help me clean up the house last night after working himself all day. Hubby = best friend!
  • I feel like I walk around the house all day and get nothing done! But I stay busy all day! I still am trying to figure that one out!
  • And my major confession of the day - I took a nap yesterday with the girls.

Here's what I have gotten done today -

  • dressed in real clothes
  • both girls dressed in real clothes
  • makeup
  • one load of laundry - folded and put away!
  • errand to get some envelopes
  • Presley to Little Gym
  • all three of us fed lunch
  • post office (no line, it was my lucky day!)
  • both girls asleep at the same time
  • pick up our mess from this morning all over the house!
  • sat down at the computer without one baby wanting/demanding to watch you tube and the other going after the cables under the computer desk
  • at this rate, I may have a steaming hot meal for Hubby when he gets home...

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Lainey-Paney said...

my stay at home days sound very similar!