Wednesday, January 23, 2008

The Pointer Sisters

I’ve wanted to use that one for a while now! Hehe

Well 2 kids is a lot of fun!! You have to be on your toes (and strategize when you leave the house without any help, but it has been done a few times)!

Now BOTH girls are sleeping with us! Some mornings I wake up and think, “why do we put ourselves through that?” But then that night we all snuggle together and go to sleep…. Whatever works for now - that’s pretty much my new motto.

Presley is 19 months old and is getting four more teeth right now, all at the same time. Boo! She’s had a little bout of hitting, but we’re helping her to say “I’m mad” and stomp her foot instead. That’s worked better than the ‘naughty corner’, which she thought was actually a fun place to go! We’ll save that place for later! Her favorite toys right now are her babies. She feeds them bottles, diapers them, and sometimes even nurses them. She is going to the Little Gym and really enjoys playing with the other kids. She loves to play!!! She got a medal at the end of the semester (even though we’ve only been going for about a month). She wore that thing for a few days!

Teagan is 3 months old now and is so strong. She’s going to be a mover and a shaker. She’s rarely still and wants you to be moving her around. She doesn’t dig stillness! But I can lay her down and she puts herself to sleep, ya’ll! She actually prefers that and I’m taking full advantage! And she actually LIKES tummy time! These two girls couldn’t be more different! This morning she woke me up and when I looked over at her she gave me the biggest smile, which makes me forget how she hogged the bed all night!

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chloe said...

I like all of the pictures!!!Now all you need is one of me (and the twins)!!!Jk